09 Apr 2018

Facebook and the Upcoming Fight for Data Portability

Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica debacle suggests that the company will be taking a troubling stance on "data portability" -- one that conflicts with the principles of the GDPR and may be intended to stave off similar regulation at home.

01 Jul 2015

Twitter Must Thrive

Twitter is an important institution that has the admirable goal of giving "everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers." Here are OTTN's ideas to make sure that it thrives.

01 May 2014

Sprint Changes Its Spots

Sprint's Sound Sessions platform demonstrates how carriers will attempt to differentiate themselves through the bundling of third party OTT services (like Spotify).

23 Apr 2014

DISH's New World

How Dish Network's DishWorld Service and a Reported American Channel OTT Service Portend the (Near) Future of MVPDs